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Hair transplant surgery can be carried out on a variety of hair loss cases, here at the Norton Clinic we offer state-of-the-art techniques including Mirco-grafting Mini-grafting:

On the left is an example of medium to fine grey hair, at stage 5 on Hamilton's Scale of Baldness. On the right is the same patient after one session of 1,000 grafts.

Here is an example of receding temples. Stage 2 on Hamilton's Scale of Baldness.

The photograph on the right is the same patient after one session of 350 grafts.

This gentleman has severe hair loss (a 6 on Hamilton's Scale of Baldness). Notice the photograph on the left shows the new hairline that has been marked out and agreed with the patient.

I think you will agree that after only 1,500 grafts the natural looking hairline is taking shape and with a further visit this patients transformation will be complete.

Don't forget it's easy and affordable to restore your hair, to book a free no-obligation consultation just contact us by email or call Freephone 0800 614853 in the UK

Your only investment will be about one hour of your time at one of our clinics, so come schedule your consultation now. One of our doctors will give you an exact diagnosis and expert recommendations.


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