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Hair Transplant Surgery

Every single follicle of hair on the human scalp is genetically programmed before birth to either become sensitive to the male hormones DHT which begin to appear during puberty - causing the follicle to wither & die in time - or not to become sensitive to these hormones and continue growing throughout your lifetime.

Lifelong hair follicles are found in good supply in virtually all men, even severely bald men. These lifelong hairs are concentrated in a horseshoe-shaped area at the very back of the head.

We call this region the “donor area”. Our hair transplantation surgeons take excess hairs (follicles and all) from this plentiful area and relocate them to areas of thinning and balding on the top or front of the head.

At the Norton Clinics, this type surgical transplanting of hair follicles is a remarkably simple procedure.

Far more complex are the artistic demands that hair transplantation places on the surgeon. Among the finest of arts, hair transplantation requires a deep interest in recreating a brand new hairline that complements your specific facial features, age, and lifestyle.

Of course, your approval of our strategy for your hair is an absolute must, and will be your doctor's central guide in tailoring your new hairline.

Your doctor will choose a fitting texture from the donor area, the density of each graft, and an appropriate variety of graft sizes.

Each graft is then skilfully placed in a proper position, at a precise angle that duplicates nature's own growth pattern.

The surgeon concludes the restoration by carefully checking that your newly-placed hairs will grow together to form a hairline that is virtually undetectable from one that nature might have given you.


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