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Conditions of Sale - Prescription Medication

Prescription Only Medication can only be sold through our Online Pharmacy as part of an ongoing course of treatment. All orders will be checked against our records to ensure that a current prescription has been obtained before we will process any online orders for prescription medications. If you do not have a current prescription or have not ordered through our Online Pharmacy before then please contact us before ordering these medications.

All orders are reviewed manually and no payment will be taken until each individual order has been verfied; in the event that your order is cancelled or not processed by us then you will not be charged any amount to your credit or debit card

Please note we may need to contact you before sending out any medication to verify the order details or your medical history and if we are unable to contact you this may result in your order being delayed.

Please supply alternative contact details to your order whenever possible in order to reduce any possible delays.

We cannot be held responsible for false information that is supplied to us by patients using this service and would like to give an assurance that any information supplied will be treated as confidential and in line with our Privacy Policy

You should be 18 years or over to use our Online Pharmacy and items sent out by Mail may require a signature upon delivery.

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