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An alternative to surgery, Minoxidil (Regaine) and Finasteride (Proscar/Propecia) can be prescribed to slow hair thinning and, in some cases, promote hair growth in some men with mild-to-moderate hair loss. Minoxidil (Regaine) and Finasteride (Proscar/Propecia) can be purchased here at our online pharmacy.

Hair Transplantation - It's Easy and Affordable

Although we do not attempt to distinguish ourselves by price, you'll find that our fees are very competitive.

As a private medical practice we do not have the high overhead costs associated with multiple office clinics and national chains.

In our practice, the cost associated with hair restoration is based on several factors that vary among individuals:
  • Degree of hair loss
  • Progression of hair loss
  • Hair Characteristics
  • Areas Treated / Coverage Desired
  • Your Expectations
Most patients can expect to invest anywhere from 1,000 (1,600) to 5,000 (7,700) per procedure depending on the factors noted above. (2,500 upwards for FUE)

With the extremely natural results obtained with Surgical Hair Restoration, many patients are happy with the coverage and density obtained with just one procedure; however, others may opt for more than one session to further enhance their result.

It's Affordable

To find out just how affordable the Norton Clinic really is book a free no obligation consultation with one of our experienced hair restoration staff by either contacting us by email or telephone for FREE on 0800 614853.


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